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Best Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatments|Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney – Dr. Puneet Dhawan

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Kidney failure or End stage renal disease, ia a disorder, where the Kidneys become inefficient to perform its basic functions of removing waste products and toxins from the blood. The kidneys lose their ability to help balance fluids and electrolytes and RBC production and eliminate impurities and toxins. The problems occur instantaneously, within a short period of time and the symptoms become difficult to Identify. “Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatments”.

The use of Ayurveda dates back to ancient India with its efficatious solutions to almost all problems, of varying degrees. Ayurveda, similarly has helped a lot of people with kidney problems to provide an effective and permanent solutions in terms of lifestyle changes, healthy eating habits, yoga and various herbs. “Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatments”.


  • Change in taste. Metallic or ammonia smell in breath.
  • Shivering sensation
  • Increased or decreased urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Reluctance to consume protein rich foods such as kidney beans, oats, eggs, meat, dairy products.
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Pain in body
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swelling in facial region
  • Shortness of breath

Once the kidney Failure is detected, it needs to be addressed immediately. Any further delays might be Fatal. “Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatments”.


Diabetes and High blood pressure are the most common and prevalant reason behind Kidney failure. Other problems include:

  • Urinary tract problems
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Genetic Diseases
  • Nephrotic Syndrome

Sometimes kidney, all of a sudden, stops being functional. This type of problem is called Acute Renal Failure or Acute Renal Injury. The causes of acute renal failures are:

  • Heart Attack
  • Not enough blood flowing to the kidneys
  • Drug abuse
  • Urinary Tract problems

This type of Kidney problems might not always be permanent. Your kidneys might even go back to normal with treatment if other problems do not exist.

However, having one of the health problems that lead to Kidney Failure, does not mean that it will definitely lead to Kidney Failure. Having an Improved Lifestyle with healthy eating habits and exercise regime help your kidneys to live and work long. “kidney treatment in Ayurveda”


Karma Ayurveda has come forward with innumerable solutions in terms of medicinal herbs, Healthy lifestyle and yoga poses to treat kidney failure, and hence marked itself known to provide the Best Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatments.

Certain herbs that are proved to be a perfect Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatments are:

  • Rakt Chandan: This herb is known to treat several problems including, Kidney Failure, Serious Infections, wounds and bleedings.
  • Palaash: It is the best Ayurvedic herb for Kidneys. It is altogether responsible to eradicate the symptoms of Kidney Failure.
  • Gokshur: This herb is remarkable in providing relief to all kinds of urinary problems that lead to Kidney Failure. It enhances the Immunity Power and the abolity to fight with outside elements.
  • Varun: This herb is effective enough to cure Kidney failure from the root.
  • Kaasni: It is best known to treat all kinds of kidney disorders. Apart from that, this herb is also beneficial in increasing hemoglobin content and prevents chronic constipation.
  • Punarnava: Being anti-inflammatory in nature, this herb is known to be perfect in treating Kidney Failure. Its regular usage, revaitalizes the whole body “Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatments”.

Some home remedies as a part of the Best Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatments:

  • Stay Hydrated throughout the day
  • Reduce the intake og Non-Vegetarian food
  • Stick to herbal tea
  • Have boiled diet and use Olive oil for cooking
  • Eat less at a time and increase your meals to 4 or 5 times a day
  • Limit Dairy intake, dried beans, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach, apricots etc.
  • Basil is good to enhance immune system. Chew its fresh leaves daily on empty stomach
  • Say no to smoking.
  • Exercise regularly “kidney treatment in Ayurveda”