Child Kidney Failure Treatment

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The organ which helps in the removal of waste and toxins from our body is the kidney. This bean-shaped organ removes the extra fluid and other unwanted agents from our body through urine. When it comes to a child kidney failure the main reason is the unhealthy eating habits. The data shows that a maximum number of children kidney failure cases are linked with obesity. High cholesterol level works to promote diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure which has a direct link with kidney damage or kidney failure. Child kidney failure treatment helps to repair the damaged tissues of the kidney. “Kidney failure in Ayurveda”

What is kidney failure?

Kidney failure means to a stage in which both the kidneys stop performing the basic functions. This can be sudden or slow according to the causes. The sudden children kidney failure termed as acute kidney failure. This is the infection which occurs due to shock, heart failure, bacterial infection and drug over dosage. The symptoms can be massive enough that the patient needs to go for an immediate child kidney failure treatment”.

The other form of kidney failure is the termed as chronic kidney failure. In children, the diseases and acute kidney failure during birth can give way to chronic kidney failure. This is the form which is treatable by the right “child kidney failure treatment”.

Is kidney transplant a right option?

A number of people are opting for the way of a kidney transplant to fight with the acute and chronic kidney failure. In this, the damaged kidney gets replaced by a healthy kidney provided by the donors. Children who go for the kidney transplant need proper care and day to day screening. Regular check up helps to denote the functioning of the new kidney to eliminate the risk factors. In some cases, the body rejects to work according to the new kidney which later creates some serious health issues. So if you are thinking that kidney transplant will be the right child kidney failure treatment, then you need to know the complication situated with it. Complications linked with a kidney transplant are mentioned below:

  • Organ rejection- On of the major complication associated with a kidney transplant is the organ rejection. This means the attack of the immune system on the transplanted organs. Children who undergo a kidney transplant faces a very hard time to tackle the changes in their body.
  • Infection- Another complication which can be hazardous for children is the infection. After the kidney transplant, children become vulnerable to infections. This infection repels against the vaccination for different diseases.
  • Growth rate- Kidney transplant affects the growth rate of a child which needs further medications. This is due to the high dose of medicines which the children need to take after a kidney transplant.
  • Cancer- Kidney transplant increases the risk of cancer for the patient by 17 percent. This is because the patient needs to take the immunosuppressive medications which can turn into a deadly form of cancer. “child kidney failure treatment”.

The right child kidney failure treatment

We had discussed the dangerous complications linked to the kidney transplant above. It clearly states that there is a need to find an accurate treatment for a child with kidney failure. Karma Ayurveda offers the right solution for it. By providing the highly effective ayurvedic treatment to the patients, we try to keep you away from the risks of surgeries and transplant. The clinic established in 1937 had treated a number of children by using natural herbs effective techniques. By understanding the deep cause of any disease, we at Karma Ayurveda are focused to provide you a permanent and effective solution. “Child Kidney Failure Treatment”