Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)

Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)|Kidney Failure Treatment In Ayurveda-Dr. Puneet Dhawan

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With the inadequate lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, people face kidney related diseases. There are some other factors as well which can let any age group face kidney related problems. To detect the damage, different approaches are being channelized by the health experts. One of that is the glomerular filtration rate. GFR refers to the test help to locate the well functioning of your kidney and several kidney related diseases. This is the test which speaks about the actual condition of your kidney that how properly it is performing the desired functions. It helps the health experts to locate the problems associated with the working of your kidney. A low glomerular filtration rate signs that your kidneys are not working in an adequate manner. It also symbolizes the stages of chronic kidney diseases.

The procedure for testing glomerular filtration rate

The procedure starts with the blood test which is the foremost and necessary test to find the glomerular filtration rate. The health experts then try to locate the level of creatinine in the blood samples, which works to supply energy to the muscles in your body. Other than the level of creatinine some other factors also being monetized which are as follow:

  • Your Age
  • Your Height
  • Your gender
  • Your weight
  • Ethnicity

Basic aspects of glomerular filtration rate

If we are talking about the kidney related issues treatment, then it is important to discuss the basic aspects of glomerular filtration rate. GFR test doesn’t found to be work in the right way for all. Those who are younger than 18, obese, very muscular or pregnant are not supposed to detect the GFR. The average glomerular filtration rate for those who are between 20-29 years of age is 116. For adults, the GFR needs to be more than 90. Besides this, GFR needs to be more than 75 for those who aged more than 70 years. This clearly states that adequate GFR rate varies for the different age group. “Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda”

What to do in case of having inadequate glomerular filtration rate (GFR)?

Our lifestyle and day to day work routine put a great impact on our health. It is possible to treat some acute disorders related to our body by changing the day to day habits. In case you have an abnormal glomerular filtration rate, you need to change your daily habits accordingly. Some helpful steps to keep your kidney healthy are:

  • Keep an eye on your blood pressure
  • By controlling the level of sugar in case of having diabetes
  • Reducing the sodium intake
  • Maintaining weight
  • Reducing cholesterol intake
  • Being away from drugs and tobacco

How Ayurvedic treatment helps you in case of abnormal glomerular filtration rate?

If your test denoted that the GFR is not adequate then you need to go for proper kidney treatment. An inadequate GFR signs towards the kidney damage which needs to be treated on time. Even by adopting the relevant steps you need to go for the effective treatment.

All the allopathic treatments are linked with a number of uncertainties and risk factors. This can even drive you towards the stage of kidney transplant which later give way to other complications. The best and the effective way to treat the kidney disease from its root is to go for an Ayurvedic treatment. Karma Ayurveda is working as the leading healthcare center to provide the right treatment to the patients. Dr. Puneet Dhawan will provide you with the right medicine and an appropriate diet plan which will help you to stay away from massive surgeries. “glomerular filtration rate”