Nephrotic SyndromeA nephrotic syndrome is a set of signs which indicates kidney dysfunction. This condition is usually caused by damage that occurs to the clusters of small blood vessels in the kidneys. The kidneys stop filtering waste and excess water from the blood which can build up a lot of toxins that can harm the body. This situation causes swelling or edema, particularly in the feet and ankles and increases the risk of other kidney related problems.

These prominent signs that are visible among the kidney disease include:

  • A high amount of protein in the urine
  • Low level of protein in the blood
  • High cholesterol in the blood
  • High levels of triglycerides in the blood

“Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment In Ayurveda”.


  • A diabetic kidney disease can eventually lead to kidney damage or diabetic nephropathy that directly affects the glomeruli
  • Minimal change disease is the most common reasons for nephrotic syndrome among children. This condition mainly results in the abnormal kidney function. In initial stages kidneys appear normal or nearly normal and signs are only visible in the later stages,” Kidney Treatment In Ayurveda
  • A blood clot in a kidney vein occurs when a blood clot blocks a vein connected to the kidney and can lead to nephrotic syndrome

“Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment In Ayurveda”.

Risk factors involving nephrotic syndrome

  • Medical conditions that can damage your kidneys. There are certain diseases and conditions which can increase the risk of developing nephrotic syndromes such as lupus, diabetes, amyloidosis, and other kidney related problems
  • An intake of certain medications for a long-term can cause nephrotic syndromes such as non- steroidal drugs, painkillers, and drugs used to fight infections, ” Kidney Treatment In Ayurveda”.
  • The occurrence of certain infections may increase the risk of infections that increase the risk of nephrotic syndrome include HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and malaria

“Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment In Ayurveda”.

Kidney diet

It is important to have a course of planned diet along with the possible treatment. Patients must stick to low sodium and protein diet such as skimmed milk, eggs, low-fat butter, etc. One should avoid processed and packed food along during this condition. There are other food items such as fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, apples, etc rich in Vitamin C to be included in the diet. Alcohol, coffee and aerated drinks should be included in the diet.

Ayurvedic treatment for nephrotic syndrome

Ayurveda has proven to be highly effective in eradicating all kinds of kidney problems. It uses herbs and remedies that have healing properties without any kind of side-effects. Karma Ayurveda in Asia has earned its position as one the most authentic Ayurvedic kidney treatment centers. All the treatment and medicines provided to the patients in the center is herbal and natural. There are millions of patients that have been cured by their Ayurvedic treatment. “Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment In Ayurveda, Kidney Treatment In Ayurveda”.


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