Renal failure treatment in Ayurveda

Renal failure treatment in Ayurveda|Ayurvedic Kidney Disease Treatment – Dr. Puneet Dhawan

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Kidneys are an important part of the urinary tract system. They chiefly perform the function of filtration of blood through which excess fluid, waste, and toxins are expelled out in the form of urine. What if, kidneys stop conducting this basic function? Renal failure/kidney failure also known as end-stage kidney disease is a condition in which kidneys permanently lose their ability to function. This 5th stage of chronic kidney disease is characterized by the GFR below 15 ml/min. “Renal failure treatment in Ayurveda” In this stage, doctors often advise to take up dialysis sessions or to undergo a kidney transplant.


Usually, kidney problems are caused due to old health problems that directly affect the regular functioning of kidneys. These health issues include:

  • diabetes (diabetic kidney disease)
  • high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • glomerulonephritis
  • polycystic kidney disease
  • urinary reflux (reflux nephropathy) Renal failure treatment in Ayurveda
  • medications – some drugs such as lithium and cyclosporin


Renal failure results in the buildup of waste and toxins in the body that develop various signs and symptoms like:

  • tiredness
  • loss of appetite
  • difficulty sleeping
  • headaches
  • lack of concentration
  • shortness of breath
  • nausea and vomiting Renal failure treatment in Ayurveda
  • increased urge to urinate
  • dark and bubbly urine
  • puffiness in the legs and ankles
  • pain in the kidney area
  • high blood pressure
  • itching
  • bad breath
  • a metallic taste in the mouth


Renal failure being a silent killer is confirmed by taking up certain tests like

Blood tests reveal the amount of serum creatinine and BUN in the blood in renal damage.

Urine tests to detect the protein spill in the urine.

Ultrasound, computed tomography (CT scan), x-ray reveal the structure and the size of the kidneys. Renal failure treatment in Ayurveda


Treatment for renal failure by allopathy is completely symptomatic. Kidney failure patients are often recommended to start dialysis. Dialysis is an artificial filtration mechanism that is conducted with the help of manmade machines. There are two types of dialysis treatment known “kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda”

Hemodialysis: This dialysis procedure is a long drawn 3-4 hours session that is conducted thrice a week. It is the common treatment therapy adopted by kidney patients. The use of dialyzer (artificial kidney) is done in which the blood is sent for filtration and reverted to the body after the process.

Peritoneal Dialysis: It is the rare type of dialysis conducted that is used with help of an abdominal fluid this when filters out is excreted out of the body.


Ayurveda is an age-old treatment mechanism that has been practiced for ages. It uses natural herbs and ingredients that have medicinal properties. The ayurvedic medicines for renal failure consist of herbs like punarnava, kaasni, varun, palaash that have anti-inflammatory properties. These herbs help in reviving the dead cells of the kidneys and reversing the problem of renal failure. Renal failure treatment in Ayurveda

There are certain dietary pointers that are determined by Ayurveda for kidney patients. These include:

  • Low protein diet
  • Restricted consumption of potassium
  • Avoiding sodium-rich foods
  • Ample consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoiding high intensity or strenuous exercises
  • Restricted consumption of fluid

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