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The kidney plays a vital role in the elimination of waste from the body. All the waste and toxins need to get out of the body as it can become the cause for a number of deadly diseases. Let’s take an example. What happens if a pipe continuously gets choked due to dirt? Soon it will get completely block which will let the water to get reverse in the storage area. The same happens at the stage of kidney failure or renal failure. Renal failure is a situation in which the kidney was not able to perform its function. The waste fluid start to get accommodate in the blood which gives way to many deadly diseases. This emerges the need for an immediate renal failure treatment.

Causes for Renal failure

Kidney failure also gets marked as an end-stage renal disease (ESRD). When someone says that your kidney gets failed it means that it has stopped performing the basic and necessary functions. Talking about the causes of kidney failure, diseases which have a negative impact on the kidney are much responsible. Other than this, if your kidney starts showing the symptoms of damage, then it can turn out to be a total failure later. High blood pressure and diabetes are two major causes of kidney failure, which damage it slowly but continuously. Some other causes of renal failure for which a renal failure treatment found to be effective are:

  • A genetic disease like polycystic kidney disease. These are the diseases someone born with. This is responsible for continues damage to the kidney and later for its failure.
  • Autoimmune diseases like lupus and IgA nephropathy. This is a disease in which the immune system starts attacking the organs in your body.
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Urine related problems

Major aspects of renal failure

In some cases, there is a sudden renal failure which termed as an acute renal failure. This can happen with a heavy blood flow in an accident or due to some heart-related diseases. Heart attack, Illegal drug intake, urinary tract problem are some other major causes of acute renal failure. By adequate renal failure treatment, your kidney can get almost normal.

The slow damage to the kidney due to some disease that later turn into total kidney damage is referred as chronic kidney disease. “Kidney treatment in Ayurveda” In this situation, it is hard to detect the symptoms initially. When the fluid starts mixing back in the blood then only the symptoms will become the point of concern for you.

Initial symptoms of renal failure

In the case of chronic renal failure, the symptoms are appeared to be common. This is the reason why many people avoid taking proper treatment or tests which turn out to be dangerous with the passage of time. Here are the initial symptoms of chronic renal failure which you need to detect on time.

  • Itching in body
  • Muscle cramps
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Less urine flow or large urine flow
  • Swelling in ankles and feet

In the case of acute renal failure, the symptoms are appeared to be massive and need immediate renal failure treatment. As we had discussed that acute renal failure is the result or impact of sudden situations, it is important to know the symptoms which can be a major concern. Here are the symptoms of acute kidney failure:

  • Blood from the nose
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Back pain
  • Fever
  • Rashes or itching
  • Vomiting

The effectiveness of ayurvedic renal failure treatment

Kidney failure in Ayurveda is considered to happen due to the blockage of channels called srotas. The pipe or channel known as mutravaha srotas help to flush out the waste and urine out of the body. This blockage results in kidney failure. Ayurvedic renal failure treatment is proved to be more effective than any other treatment. All the natural herbs and organic supplements don’t leave any side effects. At Karma Ayurveda, we let you experience the power of nature. It is providing the right treatment to the patients, which revives the dead and damaged cells of the kidney. “Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment”