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Acute Renal Failure Causes And Symptoms
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There are several types of kidney problems which a person can suffer from which can be worse or better depending upon the stage when it is detected. Kidney disease can be “acute”, meaning it is of a fast onset or “chronic” meaning the decline in kidney function is slow. Kidney disease can be due to autoimmune disorders, toxins, prolonged intake of medications or infections. Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension can gradually worsen the function of the kidneys. Acute Renal Failure Causes And Symptoms

In this form, organ failure develops and progresses rapidly and can go from mild to severe in a matter of days or a few weeks. This can happen if you have any health disorder that adversely affects the flow of urine or the supply of blood to the kidney or has a direct impact on the organ itself. This form is reversible. When the underlying problem has been cured, its function usually recovers completely and goes back to normal. In some, however, there may be residual damage that could impede the functioning sometime in the future.Kidney treatment in Ayurveda

Main Causes That Lead To Acute Renal Failure

Acute kidney failure can occur for many reasons. Among the most common reasons are certain prolonged diseases such as acute tubular necrosis (ATN), severe or sudden dehydration, toxic kidney injury from poisons or certain medications, autoimmune kidney diseases, such as acute nephritic syndrome and interstitial nephritis, urinary tract obstruction, reduced blood flow can damage your kidneys. “Kidney treatment in Ayurveda”

The following conditions can lead to decreased blood flow to the kidneys are low blood pressure, burns, dehydration, hemorrhage, injury, septic shock, serious illness, surgery, transfusion reaction, scleroderma. Acute Renal Failure Causes And Symptoms

Some infections, such as septicemia and acute pyelonephritis, can directly injure your kidneys. Pregnancy can also cause complications that harm the kidneys, including placenta previa and placental abruption.

How Does Acute Renal Failure Affect The Body?

When the kidneys do not function as efficiently as they should, excess water, waste, and toxic substances begin to accumulate in the bloodstream. If it is not treated in time, the kidneys will continue to deteriorate and the toxins start accumulating to dangerous levels in the body. The buildup of toxic substances can cause a host of health problems ranging from acidosis or excessive acidity of body fluids, bone disease, anemia and other disorders associated with fatty acids and cholesterol. Acute Renal Failure Causes And Symptoms

  • Blood in stools
  • Bad smelling breath
  • slow and sluggish movements
  • generalized swelling or fluid retention
  • fatigue and nausea
  • pain between ribs and hips
  • bruising easily
  • changes in mental status or mood, especially in older adults
  • loss of appetite
  • decreased sensation, especially in the hands or feet
  • prolonged bleeding
  • seizures
  • vomiting and weakness
  • high blood pressure

Ayurvedic Treatment

A proper kidney diet can help in controlling obesity in patients which in turn lower down the chances of kidney failure. “Kidney treatment in Ayurveda” Some of the best kidney failure treatment in Asia is provided by Karma Ayurveda. It is the wholesome wellness clinic that has been treating liver and kidney patients since 1937. The Ayurvedic medicines provided by the clinic are safe and without any side-effects. Ayurvedic treatment can help in reducing the weight and lowering down the proteinuria level in the body. “Acute Renal Failure Causes And Symptoms

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