Can You Damage Your Kidneys By Drinking Too Much Water?

Can You Damage Your Kidneys By Drinking Too Much Water
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We all hear it that it is necessary to drink enough and adequate amount of water in a day. 8 glass of water in a day get marked as the adequate quantity for a number of patients. There are a number of people who drink a high quantity of water which turns out to be dangerous for them. Many people ask what are they damaging their kidneys by drinking too much water. The answer is yes. The high amount of water consumption can put a lot of pressure on your kidneys and can be a reason for kidney damage. “Can you damage your kidneys by drinking too much water?”

This is because your kidneys work to remove the excess fluid from the body so that it will not get build in different parts of the body. This build of this extra water gives way to swelling and pain. Let’s understand that how high water consumption can affect your kidney functions:

  • High water intake linked with the condition of hyponatremia, which is a situation in which the imbalance between electrolytes takes place.
  • High water intake put pressure on the functions of kidneys and damaged it in a continuous manner. “kidney treatment in Ayurveda”
  • High water intake increases the risk for edema
  • Edema further supports brain swelling, neurons ballooning and many other symptoms like a headache, diarrhea, nausea etc. “Can you damage your kidneys by drinking too much water?”

Kidney functions which get affected when you drink too much water

Two bean-shaped kidneys inside a person’s body help to eliminate the waste and toxins and keep it free from diseases as well.

  • It regulates the blood volume by eliminating excess water.
  • It regulates the level of a blood pressure level
  • It regulates the pH level of blood
  • It regulates the number of ions in the blood
  • Helps in the production of red blood cells by releasing hormone erythropoietin
  • Helps in calcium absorption by activating Vitamin D

As high water intake cause damage to the kidneys, all the above-mentioned functions get affected by then. “Can you damage your kidneys by drinking too much water?”

Factors increase the need for water

  • Workout or exercise- People who do regular exercise requires a high amount of water that can cover the fluid loss. A sports drink helps to cover the mineral loss in a person’s body during a workout. “kidney treatment in Ayurveda”
  • Hot climate- Humid and hot climate increase the need for water intake, as it makes the people sweat.
  • Health condition- In the situation of fever, diarrhea, and vomiting, a person’s body needs more fluid. In the situation of urinary tract infection and kidney stones, high water intake is found to be very helpful.
  • State of pregnancy or breastfeeding- Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding need more water to stay hydrated.

Which is the right treatment for kidney damage?

Kidney damage can derive a person to the condition of kidney failure and sometimes death. This is because people choose the allopathic and surgical way to cure the damaged kidney. This works as a wrong approach. “kidney treatment in Ayurveda” All the allopathic and painful treatments like dialysis and kidney transplant are found to be linked with many dangerous complications and health hazards. Karma Ayurveda tells about the same to the kidney patients and provides them the non-risky ayurvedic kidney treatment. It is the ayurvedic institution which is offering kidney treatment without dialysis to all the kidney patients since 1937. Many kidney patients get a solution for their long-term problems with pure herbal and natural medicines prescribed by Karma Ayurveda. “Can you damage your kidneys by drinking too much water?”

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