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Can you drink alcohol with a kidney infection?

Can you drink alcohol with a kidney infection?
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Excessive alcoholism severely affects the functions and the structure of the body organs including kidneys. But when its consumption is done in moderation it acts as a natural remedy against many diseases like a kidney infection. Kidney infections are bacterial attacks to the kidney that creates a hurdle in its functions and can lead complete loss of kidneys or kidney damage. Kidney infection adversely affects the body. It is an acquired disease. Can you drink alcohol with a kidney infection?


Kidney infections are caused when the bacteria enters the kidneys through the urinary tract system and becomes severe and start affecting other organs like kidneys etc. These bacteria can also build up in kidneys directly due to diabetes or very frequent kidney stones. Kidney stones obstruct the urine flow because of which bacteria accumulate in the urine and when left untreated, results in kidney infections. Can you drink alcohol with a kidney infection?

Kidney infections can also result from an unhealthy diet and excessive consumption of carbonated or alcoholic beverages.


The amount of alcohol consumed is directly proportionate to its effect on the kidneys. Following are the intense effects of alcohol on kidneys: “Kidney treatment in Ayurveda”

  • Excessive alcohol consumption changes the texture and structure of the kidneys. It results in enlarging the shape of kidneys and swelling of kidney cells due to fat and protein deposits.
  • Excessive alcoholism has a severe impact on the functions of the kidneys. It diuretic property makes the kidneys weak and unable to filter and control the electrolyte balance of the body.
  • Excessive alcoholism deteriorates the state of kidney disease, leading to cause infection.
  • Alcoholism affects blood flow in the body. Excessive consumption of alcohol increases the blood pressure that can result in kidney infection. Can you drink alcohol with a kidney infection?
  • Large consumption of alcohol interrupts the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body. Because of its diuretic property, it directly impacts the levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Alcoholism is a major cause of liver cirrhosis that affects the kidney function and leads to a kidney infection. “Kidney treatment in Ayurveda”

It is recommended by the renal dietician that one should not consume alcohol more than 2 pegs twice a week, an excess of this lead to various other diseases and problems.


Kidney infections are treated by killing or expelling bacteria in the urine. Patients with kidney infections are prescribed to have antibiotics to kill the infection causing microorganisms. Can you drink alcohol with a kidney infection?

There are other natural remedies that treat infections of the kidneys. These include normal water, fruit juices, herbal tea etc. as these increases the water content in the body leading to improved urine flow, which flush bacteria out of the body and prevent the further build up. Therefore consumption of alcohol should be moderate in the case of kidney infection. Its impacts on the body depend on its amount.


Ayurveda is a distinctive approach that revolves around mind, body, and spirit. It believes that all body ailments are synchronized with each other. Kidney diseases are caused by accumulated doshas and known to be wasted in the body leading to kidney disorders. Ayurveda applies natural treatment to curing all body related diseases. Its herbal aid is free from side effects and proves to be a better option than chemical drugs and complicated surgeries.

KARMA AYURVEDA, a renowned Ayurveda hospital, led by a known physician DR. Puneet Dhawan deals with all kidney related diseases with his unique treatment method of using naturally grown herbs that possess medicinal properties and do not have any side effects. Can you drink alcohol with a kidney infection?

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