Dr. Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist at Karma Ayurveda

Dr. Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist
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A number of kidney patients around the globe are searching for a natural treatment which can free them from the complications of kidney failure and can save them from dangerous surgical procedures such as dialysis or a kidney transplant. Dr. Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist is aimed to fulfill this need of every kidney patient. By successfully running an ayurvedic kidney care institution i.e. Karma Ayurveda, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is achieving his aim of “stop kidney dialysis” not for his profit but for the profit of every patient. In this blog, we are going to discuss how ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure working as a natural solution and why people called Dr. Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure- A safe and natural solution

Every kidney patient wants to stay away from surgical procedures like kidney transplant and dialysis. Karma Ayurveda has a natural and safe solution for every big or small kidney related disorder. Working as a kidney care center, it is saving the kidney patients from conditions that make a person obliged to face the pain and complication of dialysis or to say yes to a kidney transplant.

The two bean-shaped kidneys inside our body perform a number of significant functions which is necessary for healthy living of a person. Being the filter factory of our body, these two kidneys are found to link with a number of diseases like nephrotic syndrome, acute kidney failure, chronic kidney failure, polycystic kidney disease. Working as the leading ayurvedic kidney care center, Karma Ayurveda is providing Ayurvedic treatment for every major or minor kidney related disorder and is continuously making the people aware that there is a natural solution for kidney related disorders. Dr. Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist is aimed to make every patient aware of this natural solution and to keep them away from surgical procedures such as dialysis or a kidney transplant.

What makes ayurvedic kidney treatment a safe and effective solution?

Dr. Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist at Karma Ayurveda is aimed to provide such ayurvedic treatment to all the kidney patients, which work for the right elimination of every deep down cause of kidney damage. There are many people who ask why ayurvedic treatment is a safe solution and what make it so effective. Well, it is the natural herbs which make ayurvedic kidney treatment, a safe, effective, and natural solution.

Besides natural herbs, there are many other aspects which make ayurvedic kidney treatment a right solution for kidney patients. By eliminating the root cause, this treatment cures the damaged kidneys in a slow and steady manner and brings a kidney patient out from the protocol of dialysis or kidney transplant. Dr. Puneet Dhawan kidney specialist at Karma Ayurveda never makes it difficult for the kidney patient to get out from the complications. He is the one who tells that change in diet and lifestyle habit along with ayurvedic treatment can restore the damaged kidneys and its functions as well. This right approach of Dr. Puneet Dhawan and effectiveness of ayurvedic kidney treatment is working like life-support for thousands of patients from all across the world.



Karma Ayurveda had served more than 35,000 kidney patients with a healthy life since 1937. Working with a vision of “stop kidney dialysis”, this kidney care center is focused to bring every patient out from dialysis protocol. This right vision and efforts of Karma Ayurveda are turning a profitable approach for kidney patients who are obliged to tackle the pain of dialysis or to live a complication full life.




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