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Avail the Most Effective Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment by Karma Ayurveda

Effective Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment
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An Introduction to Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney disease is a slow and progressive disease which affects the entire function of the kidney. If the condition remains uncured for long then the patient can meet kidney failure. This state is also known as Chronic Renal disease, chronic renal failure, etc.

Quick Facts on CKD

Here are some of the quick facts on CKD:

Stages: There are various stages of Chronic Kidney disease; CKD1, CKD2 to the CKD5. CKD1 is the initial stage in which mild kidney damage can be seen while in the CKD5 the kidney gets damage completely.

Symptoms- The primary signs of Chronic kidney disease are as below:

  • Blood in urine: One of the primary sign of CKD is the excretion of blood through urine. Sometimes, the excretion blood rate is as low as it won’t be visible with naked eyes.
  • High blood pressure: If your blood pressure is rising frequently, it is another sign of CKD.
  • Low appetite: The early symptoms of CKD also include loss of appetite. You will feel the effectively low rate of appetite.
  • Cramps in muscles: Muscle cramps are also one of the primary signs of CKD.

If a person is experiencing one or more of the above symptoms then it’s time to take necessary health checkups, only then this kidney disease can be diagnosed.

Diagnosis: In most of the cases, it goes undetected until it reaches its advanced stages but there are few tests i.e. blood tests, kidney scan and biopsy are conducted in order to detect it.

Causes- Some major causes are described below:

  • Diabetes: It is a kind of disease in which the blood sugar level increases because of improper functioning of the pancreas. If the condition lasts for a long time it may lead to Chronic kidney disease.
  • High blood pressure: When the blood pressure goes high, it can damage the blood vessels inside the kidney causing Chronic Kidney disease.
  • Heart diseases: In case of any sort of heart disease, the kidney also gets affected and it may lose its functionality.

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment

In the allopathic medicinal system, there are various medications given to the CKD patient in order to suppress its causes. For the final stage of CKD or kidney failure treatment, generally dialysis is the solution which is not a permanent one. While organ transplantation is another solution but it is very costly and it’s very difficult to find a donor. On the other hand, Ayurveda is found as the best possible Chronic Kidney Disease treatment available.

How to prevent Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment?

As an old saying goes “Precaution is always better than cure”, the same applies in case of this kidney problem. By working on the causes and eliminating them one can keep himself/herself away from Chronic Kidney disease. For the same, you should:

  • Manage an ideal blood sugar level.
  • Keep your blood pressure under control.
  • Include exercise and healthy food habits in your lifestyle in order to minimize/lower the heart problems.
  • Take routine health check-ups so that you can figure it out in the early stages which are easily curable.
What is the permanent solution to relieve CKD?

Although Allopathic treatments claim to fix Chronic kidney disease completely, they don’t heal it right from its root. They only lower the effects of this kidney disorder keeping a patient alive for some more months or years. While Ayurveda is a complete medicinal science that holds the capability to cure even rare diseases like Chronic kidney disease. With a balanced combination of natural herbs, proper diet and physical exercise, it heals this kidney disorder by working on its root cause. Hence, it is considered as the most authentic and complete kidney failure treatment.

Based at Delhi, Karma Ayurveda is a treatment center committed to offer an effective ayurvedic treatment for chronic kidney disease for all stages of CKD as well as kidney failure. With over 37 years of good know-how, it has served numerous kidney patients so far. As a result, it has gained a family of 35,000 people who was affected by some sort of kidney diseases. Headed by Dr. Puneet Dhawan, Karma Ayurveda has proved that Ayurveda is not only the most ancient but also the most effective and powerful medicinal system possessing the property of curing almost all kinds of kidney diseases.

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