How Long Can You Live With End Stage Renal Failure?

How Long Can You Live With End Stage Renal Failure
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What is End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)?

An end-stage renal disease (ESRD) occurs when kidney damage worsens to the point at which kidney function is less than normal. The kidneys fail to function at a level needed for daily life. Kidneys main function is to remove metabolic waste and extra fluid from the body, which gets accumulated in the body leading to toxicity. The treatment includes kidney transplant or dialysis with a planned diet.How Long Can You Live With End Stage Renal Failure?

Symptoms indicating renal failure

There are certain signs and symptoms that are responsible for leading to kidney disease. The common signs are itchy and dry skin, headache, swelling in hands and feet, bad breath, nausea, vomiting, easy bruising, blood in urine, change in the urine color, frequent urge to urinate and feeling sick.

Diagnosis of ESRD

As the symptoms stay for long one need to go for an immediate lab test, such as:

Blood test- The main test for kidney disease is a blood test that’s used to work out how well your kidneys are working. The test measures the levels of a waste product called creatinine in your blood. Healthy kidneys should be able to filter more than 90ml/min, in case one has a lower level than this it is an indication of kidney disease.Kidney treatment in Ayurveda

Urine tests

Urine tests are done to carry out the check the levels of substances called albumin and creatinine in your urine known as the albumin-creatinine ratio, or ACR, check for blood or protein in your urine, alongside your eGFR measurement, these tests can help give a more accurate picture of how well your kidneys are working. “How Long Can You Live With End Stage Renal Failure?

Other tests

Sometimes other tests are also used to assess the level of damage to your kidneys.

These may include an ultrasound scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan or computerized tomography (CT) scan – to see what the kidneys look like and check whether there are any blockages and a kidney biopsy.

The common treatment for ESRD patients

Management and treatment of ESRD include kidney transplant or dialysis and dietary management, it is essential for the patient to know and understand everything about the treatment especially about dialysis and its types. How long can you live with end-stage renal failure? – Dr.Puneet Dhawan

Dialysis helps to remove and maintain waste products, fluid and the electrolyte balance in the body. A special diet is important as dialysis alone does not effectively remove all the waste products. The diet plans also help in minimizing the amount of waste build-up and to maintain the fluid, electrolyte and mineral balance in the body between the dialysis.

A kidney transplant is one of the most common forms of treatment that patients take in the last stages of kidney disease. In a kidney transplant, a donor of the new kidney is mainly from the family or relatives. The patient needs to go on a medicinal course for almost many years. There are chances that the body may reject the new kidney and the transplant is needed again. “How Long Can You Live With End Stage Renal Failure?

How can Ayurvedic treatment help in renal failure?

Ayurveda is one of the prime herbal treatment solutions for the damaged kidneys. The unrefined herbs, organic supplements and pre-historic tested techniques used in the treatment. The herbs have no side-effects and unlike allopathic medications have a long-lasting effect on damaged cells.

Karma Ayurveda has earned a brand name for itself as a best wholesome wellness center of Asia. It has successfully treated kidney patients with their medications and treatment technique. There are thousands of kidney patients that have been completely treated by their 100% Ayurvedic medications along with a well-planned kidney diet. How long can you live with end-stage renal failure?

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