How Long Can You Live With Stage 5 Kidney Failures Without Dialysis?

How Long Can You Live With Stage 5 Kidney Failures Without Dialysis?
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Role Of Kidneys

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs responsible for cleaning the body from metabolic waste and extra fluid. It filters the blood for toxic waste and throws it in the form of urine. It also manages the blood production and balances the nutrients in the body. Any kind of prolonged condition results in the

Causes Of Stage 5 Kidney Disease

Of the many complications associated with diabetes, kidney failure is the one that can do the most damage to the body. People who have had the disease for a long time may develop kidney problems in the later stages of diabetes. Many people will need to be on dialysis until a replacement kidney can be found. During the early stages of kidney damage, there are medications available that can slow the process. Though these medications are not a cure, they will help to slow the effects so that one can alter their diet before the damage is worsened. Kidney failure can occur at any time if the damage is left untreated. Once the kidneys begin to shut down, there is little that can be done.How Long Can You Live With Stage 5 Kidney Failures Without Dialysis

Changes In The Body Due To Stage 5 Kidney Disease

  • Changes in urination—including foamy or bloody urine, more or less urine than usual or getting up more at night to urinate
  • Fatigue—lack of usual energy or feeling overwhelmingly tired
  • Itching—waste buildup in your blood can cause severe itching
  • Swelling of hands or feet—swelling can occur when kidneys aren’t removing extra fluid over time
  • Shortness of breath—the extra fluid that is not removed by kidneys build up in the lungs, this can also be caused by anemia
  • Pain in the small of your back—localized pain near your kidneys that don’t change or becomes worse when you move or stretch
  • Puffiness around your eyes, especially in the morning

How Long Can You Live With Stage 5 Kidney Failures Without Dialysis”.

Dialysis Or Kidney Transplant As Common Treatment

When kidneys fail, your body may have difficulty filtering your blood and keeping your body chemically balanced. Dialysis is a treatment process that cleans the body of unwanted toxins, waste products, and excess fluids. Dialysis acts as an alternative to kidney function and along with medication and proper care, help people live longer. How long can you live with stage 5 Kidney Failures Without Dialysis? Dr. Puneet Dhawan


There are 2 main kinds of dialysis which you can treat in a center or at home:

  • Peritoneal dialysis uses the blood vessels in the lining of the abdomen. A special solution via a peritoneal catheter to filter blood is given inside the body. With this method, blood never leaves the body. This treatment can be done with a machine or manually at home, at work or even while traveling
  • Hemodialysis mainly filters the blood with a machine called a dialyzer. Once the dialyzer is connected via hemodialysis access, the blood flows into the machine and gets filtered and the clean blood is returned to the body

“How Long Can You Live With Stage 5 Kidney Failures Without Dialysis”.

How Can Ayurveda Affect Stage 5 Kidney Disease?

Ayurveda as an alternative treatment for all types of kidney problem as it makes use of unrefined herbs and organic supplements. Karma Ayurveda is one such center which has been providing herbal medications and natural remedy for all kinds of kidney patients. The center is headed by Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is one of the finest Ayurveda practitioners in Asia. He has successfully treated thousands of kidney patients with his years of expertise.Kidney Disease“.

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