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Karma Ayurveda Review – Mr. SitaRam from Himachal Pradesh

Karma Ayurveda Review - Mr.-SitaRam-from-Himachal-Pradesh
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Kidney failure is a critical state of kidneys that can give rise to several problems in the body. This condition is described as a lost ability of kidneys to carry out its normal function. Due to kidney failure blood remains impure, the body becomes weak, bone’s health gets affected and skin problems arise. This condition of kidney failure attacks people with diabetes and hypertension. The problems of kidney failure are when ignored can lead to a big loss of a patient. There are various indications given by the body in a state of kidney failure. These clues include

  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Not feeling hungry
  • Swelling in feet and ankles
  • Itching
  • Trouble catching breath

The treatment provided by Allopathy involves the use of dialysis and a kidney transplant. Both these procedures are life-threatening and full of side effects. The use of dialysis puts danger on kidney patients life and do not cure the disease. It is rather a treatment therapy that is performed every week. Kidney Treatment without Dialysis

Ayurveda, a conventional form of treatment, offers a complete organic cure for kidney failure. This stream of treatment is known for its natural Ayurvedic medicines. These Ayurvedic medicines have zero side effects and offer a permanent cure to kidney patients.

One of the finest kidney treatment centers, Karma Ayurveda, provides kidney patients with purely natural treatment to reverse their disease. The center head, Dr. Puneet Dhawan, is an experienced kidney specialist whose inherited and acquired knowledge of Ayurveda have to cure around 30,000 kidney patients across the world. The physician is an experienced ayurvedachrya who employs purely nature-based treatments to revive the lost functioning of damaged kidneys. The effects of his treatment techniques can be easily predicted by the following success story of a patient Mr. Sitaram.

Mr. SitaRam, age 82 years, a patient from Himachal Pradesh suffered from kidney failure. He took an allopathic treatment for his disease and put on dialysis by the doctors.  He continued to take up dialysis for past one year and saw no major improvement in his health. In search of a complete cure, Mr. Sitaram shifted to Ayurveda and took a 1-month course of Ayurvedic medicines from Karma Ayurveda.  After this course, he didn’t find the need to take dialysis and also his creatinine levels were stable. Now he is leading a dialysis-free life and feels physically fit. After looking at this case study, it is easily predicted that Karma Ayurveda treatment is the best kidney aid one could provide to heal his kidneys.

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