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Karma Ayurveda Reviews – Patient Shanti

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Kidney failure is a condition portraying the inefficiency of kidneys to function well. The work of kidneys gets reduced to less than 15 percent of its normal functioning. It is often referred to as a silent killer, due to its incapacity to show symptoms until the problem advances and aggravates.

When it comes to the treatment, efficacy of Ayurvedic methodology can’t be undone. Ayurveda is the science of life. It is known to be an epitome of healing, due to its inclusive and far-reaching approach in eradicating the problem from the root. It’s all-around treatment by working on the root cause, and taking into consideration, all the aspects of bodily improvement, i.e. mind, body, and soul, and balancing the doshas has done wonders in warding off almost all health issues including kidney disease.

Video Description

One of the Patients named Shanti from New Ashok Nagar, near Noida, had been suffering from Kidney Disease since long. Even after taking allopathic treatment, her conditions did not improve and it rather kept on worsening.

Patients condition before Ayurvedic treatment

  • Was on complete bed rest
  • Lack of strength
  • Complete loss of appetite
  • Urea 439
  • Creatinine 4.46

Ayurvedic Treatment: Soon after undergoing Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda, Shanti started experiencing a visible improvement in her physical health condition, with a significant reduction in kidney failure symptoms.

The changes she noticed 1 month after Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda are:

  • Increased appetite
  • Significant improvement in overall strength
  • Urea 180
  • Creatinine 3.76


The Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment of Karma Ayurveda Hospital, with its ayurvedic methodologies and herbs, helped Shanti to improve her kidney conditions. Dr. Puneet Dhawan also guides the patients in terms of diet and lifestyle corrections, to bring about an improvement in overall health and wellness.

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