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Acute Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

Acute Kidney Disease

Acute Kidney Disease the health condition in which a sudden failure of kidney damage or disorder happens within a few hours or a few days. A sudden build-up of wastes and toxins in our body makes it difficult for our kidneys to perform its functions normally, therefore giving birth to kidney disorders. AKD is usually found in patients under intensive care and in older adults.

Acute kidney failure turns up to be a major problem and can sometimes result in a complete shutdown of the kidneys. This condition needs to be diagnosed immediately. Problems related to AKD poses a rather serious threat to the health of your organs and to your overall health. Acute Kidney Disease majorly hampers the functions of the kidneys to remove waste and excess fluid from the blood.

Let us understand the causes of Acute Kidney Disease

Acute Renal Failure (ARF) can have many different and major causes associated with it and can be treated best the Ayurvedic treatment for AKD. Although, the specific cause of the failure may help in determining the best treatment. In all serious cases, the function of the kidneys will need to be supplemented until healthy function can be returned. To these ends, a number of things will likely be done. Depending on the time required the changes may include lifestyle changes such as special dietary considerations and a healthy fitness routine. These changes may help prepare the individual for further treatment, or simply help to ensure that the kidneys are damaged as little as possible during the failure.

Some of the vital causes linked to Acute Kidney disease are:

Decreased blood flow –

While a patient is ailing with ARF, some diseases and conditions can minimize the blood flow to your kidneys and they are:

  • Low blood pressure or shock
  • Heavy bleeding or severe diarrhea
  • Heart attack or heart failure
  • Major Organ failure
  • Overuse of pain medicines like ibuprofen, ketoprofen, and naproxen
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Burns

Blockages of the urinary tract –

conditions or diseases that can block the passage of urine out of the body is also seen in some patients and do some severe damage to the kidneys. They are:

  • Bladder or cervical cancer
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Nerve injury if any
  • Kidney stones
  • Blood clots in the urinary tract
  • Bad odor while urinating
  • Foamy or bubbly urine

Causes of Acute Kidney Disease

How to get the disease diagnosed?

Your healthcare provider will run different tests on you depending on the causes of your acute Kidney Failure. On time diagnosis and treatment and treatment for AKD is important because if neglected it can lead to chronic kidney disease, or even kidney failure, which can also cause death

To diagnose the disease appropriately the following tests may be done:

  • Measuring urine output
  • Urine tests
  • Blood tests
  • GFR (glomerular filtration rate) will help to estimate the decrease in kidney function
  • Imaging tests
  • Kidney biopsy, which will include taking a tiny piece of your kidney with a special needle, and analyzing it under a microscope.

After the diagnosis is done, if the damage found out is not chronic and correctable, the kidneys usually return to their normal functioning over a period of time. Whereas, if the patient is diagnosed with the end-stage Acute Kidney Failure, then the medical practitioner will provide with the best Ayurvedic treatment for Acute Kidney disease.

Acute kidney disease sometimes can show temporary symptoms while growing to a stage of chronic kidney failure. Any kind of kidney disease is curable if you opt for an effective ayurvedic treatment. Karma Ayurveda, driven by Dr. Puneet Dhawan has cured more than 35000 kidney patients since 1937 and provides an effective Ayurvedic Medicine for Acute Kidney Disease.

How is an Ayurvedic treatment for Acute Kidney Disease better than Allopathic Treatment?

An insight into Allopathic Treatment

Every treatment has advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of which treatment you select, you’ll have to make some alterations in your life, comprising how you eat and arrange your activities. But with the assistance of healthcare providers, family, and friends, the majority of people with kidney failure can run satisfied and energetic lives.

There are mainly three common solutions that patients take during kidney failure:

  • Hemodialysis – It is the most common type of dialysis. It mainly uses an artificial kidney which is known as a hemodialyzer. This is to remove waste and chemicals from the blood. This process mainly purifies more blood that can be filtered and purified.
  • Peritoneal dialysis – It involves surgery to implant a catheter into the belly area. During such treatment, a distinct fluid called dialysate flows inside the abdomen. Once the dialysate draws metabolic waste out of the bloodstream, it gets drained from the abdomen.
  • Kidney transplant – In this process, a surgical procedure is done to treat kidney failure. A donated kidney is used in place of damaged kidneys. After the transplant, one has to take prolonged medications to maintain the normal functioning of the new kidneys.

How Is Ayurveda A Much Better Option?

Acute Kidney Disease treatment in Ayurveda and any sort of Ayurvedic treatment is the best solution for all types of physical ailments. The use of herbs and natural pre-historic tested techniques has helped in treating kidney patients for a long time. There are no side-effects of this treatment on the body, unlike allopathic treatment.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the finest Ayurvedic medication centers for treating kidney patients from all over the world. Karma Ayurveda, based in Delhi was started in 1937 and since then have been treating thousands of kidney patients successfully by giving them a disease-free life. They use complete herbal medications and natural technique for treating all types of kidney patients. Dr. Puneet Dhawan, the Co-founder and the driving force of Karma Ayurveda has earned a lot of respect among the patients he has cured. Dr. Puneet Dhawan not only provides the most effective Ayurvedic medicine to cure Acute Kidney Disease but also advises his patients with a customized kidney diet. So, if you or anyone around you need a natural treatment for kidney disorders, Karma Ayurveda is here to serve.

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