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Kidney Treatment In Ayurveda – Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Kidney Treatment In Ayurveda
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Kidney diseases are one of the impactful health condition with which many people are suffering today. Many of the kidney patients are even unable to found the permanent solution of their problems and have to live with the complications for life. While many others who opted the way of allopathic treatment, have to face the side effects and health hazards linked with it. Here a question arises that what will be the right treatment to cure kidney disease then? Kidney treatment in Ayurveda is the right answer. Before talking about the effectiveness of ayurvedic treatment, let’s understand different aspects of kidney disease.

Types of kidney disease

There are two major types of kidney disease. This can be chronic or acute according to the causes linked to it. Acute kidney disease is the one which comes quickly and needs immediate treatment. Whereas chronic kidney disease is a result of some prevalent health conditions that affect the working of the kidneys. When the prevalent symptoms linked with kidney dysfunction continues for 3 months and more, that condition gets denoted as chronic kidney disease. Kidney treatment in Ayurveda has the solution for both of these health conditions.

Causes of chronic kidney disease which can get eliminated by kidney treatment in Ayurveda

  • Continuous health situations- High blood pressure, high blood sugar level, and heart diseases are some of the continuous health situations which slowly affect the small blood vessels inside your kidneys.
  • Inherited kidney diseases- There are some hereditary kidney diseases like Alport’s syndrome and polycystic kidney disease that get turn into chronic kidney disease.


This is a situation in which inflammation causes damage to the kidney. This inherited disorder further supports some medical problems like diabetes, lupus, and amyloidosis. “Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney Damage”

  • Reflux nephropathy- It is a situation in which the urine flow back to the kidneys from the bladder. This contaminated fluid then starts damaging the inner cells and tissues of the kidneys.
  • Urinary tract blockage- Urinary tract blockage due to prostate problems, birth defects, tumors, and kidney stones.
  • Continuous counter medications intake- Continues intake of counter medicines like ibuprofen, naproxen, cisplatin, lithium etc can cause a serious damage to the kidneys.

Kidney treatment in Ayurveda is focused on the elimination of these major causes permanently by natural treatment.

Preventions of kidney failure

Ayurveda is more focused on the natural treatment of a disease. Ayurvedic treatment suggests you the ways and prevention to cure the disease without any surgical treatment. Here are the major preventions for kidney failure one should adopt, to keep the kidneys healthy: “Kidney treatment in Ayurveda”

  • Proper intake of fluid
  • Less consumption of non-vegetarian food
  • Less cholesterol diet
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking
  • Avoiding protein rich food
  • Intake of Tulsi to cure inflammation and to enhance the immune system.

How is kidney treatment in Ayurveda an ideal solution?

In Ayurveda, the situation of kidney failure is found to be linked with the blockage of channels termed as srotas. Kidney treatment in Ayurveda worked as the ideal solution because it uses the power of natural herbs for the treatment of kidney disease. Karma Ayurveda, the leading ayurvedic clinic is providing the pure herbal treatment to kidney patients since 1937. With the right guidance of Dr. Puneet Dhawan, a number of patients get saved from dialysis and kidney transplant. He is working for the successful achievement of his motto which is “stop kidney dialysis”.

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